Movie Mashup answers

Answers to our Movie Mashup: End of the World edition

From staff reportsDecember 27, 2012 

We’re still here and we’re still Movie Mashing!

The randomly selected winner of our End of the World edition is Joy Phillips of Raleigh. Her prizes are on the way. For the rest of you, here are the answers and our continued thanks for playing.

1. Lily Tomlin and Denzel Washington star in director David O. Russell’s comedy about big-box stores and tenacious post-apocalyptic wanderers.

The Book of Eli Heart Huckabees

2. Martin Scorsese directs Griffin Dunne in the Cold War TV movie that terrified a generation of 1980s kids.

The Day After Hours

3. This heist film sequel finds Bruce Willis traveling back in time to stop suave thief George Clooney and/or a deadly plague.

Ocean’s 12 Monkeys

4. Tom Hardy and Chris Pine star as rival CIA operatives battling over the affections of teenage hacker Matthew Broderick.

This Means War Games

5. Alien hunter Tommy Lee Jones and stubborn juror Henry Fonda stare down the Mayan apocalypse. (3 films)

2012 Angry Men in Black

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