Nancy Corson Carter: Agenda alarmism

December 27, 2012 

Agenda alarmism

Regarding the Dec. 18 letter “U.N. limits”: The letter-writer wants to excuse the U.S. Senate for its disgraceful nonpassage of the U.N. Disabilities Treaty and adds insult to injury by invoking the misinformation war against the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

Careful reading of the document reveals it as a plan to help all countries to be able to meet their citizens’ basic needs, improve living standards and manage the planet’s natural resources efficiently. It is neither a treaty nor a legally binding document; it could never supersede domestic laws of the U.S. and other sovereign nations.

Why twist good ideas for the common planetary good into nasty alarmism?

I hope the writer does some “snopes-ing” to sift fact from fiction (and gains some compassion for those with disabilities in the meantime).

Nancy Corson Carter, Ph.D.

Chapel Hill

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