Kevin Nesbitt: Avoiding the Expressway

December 28, 2012 

Avoiding TriEx

The marketing fraud regarding the Triangle Expressway is getting tiresome.

This “agency,” in collusion with the NCDOT, has destroyed existing on-ramps (NC-47) and removed directional signs (i.e. to the airport at NC-55 and Morrisville Carpenter Road) to force traffic and confuse drivers into using its road.

At $2.43 each way, a driver will spend over $1,100 of post-tax income to travel from Holly Springs. If you take home $40,000, that’s over 2.5 percent of your income. Yet North Raleigh rides for free.

Out of principle and fairness, I go out of my way not to use this road. I even tell airport cabbies to avoid it. It’s the one unfair tax I don’t have to pay by choice, and I encourage others to do the same.

Kevin Nesbitt


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