Apan Basu: Tax gun sales

December 29, 2012 

Tax gun sales

The NRA’s response to have more guns in the school is beyond any comprehension. There is little intelligence behind the comment.

I suggest we change all gun laws to incorporate background checks for all guns sold at stores and gun shows along with no gun permits for mentally unstable persons or persons convicted of using force on others.

I also suggest adding federal sales tax for any gun sale to private individuals at the rate of 50 percent. All assault rifles and magazines of multiple bullets will have sales tax of 100 percent. These kinds of taxes will definitely reduce the call of firearms.

The individuals can take a look at their investments to ensure they do not invest in the companies making assault rifles for private individuals.

This country understands money and that is where efforts shall be made. This country has 270 million registered guns – almost one per male, female and child. We do not need more guns. Having high taxes will definitely reduce the proliferation of guns, and the tax will help in federal deficit reduction.

Apan Basu, Durham

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