Ron Driver: Armed deterrence

December 29, 2012 

Armed deterrence

In the debate about the school shootings, the only focus seems to be on some feel-good gun control. I agree some is needed.

What is missing is the fact that all the shooters in recent years were mentally ill and were not being treated or their illnesses were neglected by family and friends as well as the medical world.

Since the deinstitutionalization of the Reagan era, we have seen a nearly complete collapse of the mental health system nationwide.

In North Carolina we hardly have one left, thanks to our past governor and the former DHHS superintendent overseeing the dismantling of the system.

Gun control may lower the kill rate to maybe five or six at a time, but until we get control of the mental health system, nothing will change.

As for armed guards in schools, it makes everyone uneasy yet even in Tuluca, Mexico, a city of more than one million, they have armed guards in banks and have not had a robbery in 30 years.

The only effective way of providing more security is with weapons present. That is common sense, not politically correct, but common sense.

Ron Driver, Fuquay-Varina

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