Daniel Gallagher: No control

December 29, 2012 

No control

You can get a lot of facts from government websites. Did you know that, according to the FBI, in almost all homicides involving firearms the weapons were either stolen or purchased illegally? So how do new laws that apply to people who obey the law apply to ones who have no intention of obeying the law and will take all the time needed to get around it?

It seems that we can’t control the unpredictable nature of humans. We think we can control them by controlling the implements they use. The simple truth is people who premeditate murder do not care about our laws and what we feel is right or wrong. They have reached the point where they just don’t care and that’s what really scares us.

History has shown us that laws don’t stop violent crime. Closing the blinds at night and making sure our feet don’t hang out from under the covers so the boogieman can’t get them, we sleep better thinking that the laws we have or new ones will prevent the acts of evil people.

Daniel Gallagher, Louisburg

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