Francis Conlin: Go all out

December 29, 2012 

Go all out

The NRA proposes an armed guard be placed at every school in America to protect our freedom. This is not nearly enough!

Current guards carry only handguns; they will require body armor and semi-or automatic assault rifles or better to have superior weaponry than the typical gunman.

If a school has only one guard, the grounds should be enclosed with 8-foot fence and razor wire with no tree closer than 100 feet. A guard tower or station on the roof is not a bad idea, either, and could be equipped with binoculars and night-vision technology for evening plays and PTA meetings.

It would be a good idea to start a national youth organization complete with cool uniforms and insignia for kids who are interested in reporting suspicious classmates.

Congress should grant the annual $3.3 billion estimated to cover salaries to the NRA, and incidentals such as ammo and target training could be supported with proceeds from school bake sales.

Finally, regardless of the respect I have for those whose job is to protect and serve, they are not immune from mental health issues. Each guard should undergo psychological evaluation and NRA training every other month.

Francis Conlin, Durham

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