Michael W. Mitchell: Up next: Puppies

December 30, 2012 

Up next: Puppies

The Dec. 24 Point of View article “Moms vs. Millionaires” was a new low in the fiscal cliff debate. I hope its writer did not suggest such a headline. What’s next? “Puppies vs. Millionaires”?

A more accurate headline would have been “Moms vs. couples who make more than $250,000,” but I guess that wasn’t catchy enough.

I am not a fan of class warfare and identity politics. It teaches people (especially young people) that not all Americans are on the same team. It suggests that it is OK to hate your opponent. And it ignores our cultural oneness, built on more than two centuries of fighting and dying together to preserve that singular identity.

I long for politicians (and opinion writers) who have the confidence in their arguments to acknowledge that we have more in common than we have differences – and our disagreement should not suggest that an opposing opinion is borne of bad heart. What a great platform for persuasion.

Michael W. Mitchell, Raleigh

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