Elianna Goldstein: Israel aid justified

December 30, 2012 

Israel aid justified

A recent letter-writer said that she could not answer a question her young daughter posed about why the U.S. sends foreign aid to Israel. I hope this will provide an answer.

Surrounded by countries whose leaders aim to remove it off of the map, Israel is the leading democracy in the Middle East. Our aid to Israel is not solely an expenditure, rather it saves lives.

Military aid is for fighting wars and, more importantly, stopping them.

The Iron Dome that our aid supported brought an end to the latest terrorist threats by Hamas. It destroyed about 90 percent of the missiles that threatened to land in populated areas, full of Arab and Jewish civilians.

Additionally, we support Israel because it is a good investment. Consider that while Israel has just 0.2 percent of the world’s population, Israeli innovation provides products such as Intel and Google, drip irrigation, software used in cell phones and more.

Please proudly tell your daughters that our investment with Israel pays us back far more than we invest, and also encourage your daughters to ask questions not selectively about our aid to Israel but about U.S. aid across the world.

Elianna Goldstein, Chapel Hill

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