Mac Currin: Restore Neuse River

December 31, 2012 

Restore Neuse River

In a Dec. 21 letter about removing Milburnie Dam, the writer who accused the people of Restoration Systems of “nondisclosure” suffered the same fault. He failed to acknowledge that he is one of the very few people who live on the “private lake” behind Milburnie Dam.

Furthermore, he described the dam as beautiful. I disagree and have a hard time seeing a rusted, dysfunctional powerhouse and a dam adorned with dead trees and flotsam as aesthetically appealing – beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.

I fear that his vision is clouded by his self-serving interest in maintaining his private playground above the dam.

I would prefer a free-flowing, natural river, functioning as such from Falls Lake Dam to the Pamlico Sound, once again allowing migrating fish access to their historic spawning grounds. It is time to remove Milburnie Dam and restore the Neuse River to its natural state.

Mac Currin


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