Harold Gray: Cut government spending

January 2, 2013 

Cut government spending

Anyone who cares knows that our federal government, many states and some local governments are spending at rates which are unsustainable. At present, government, including all levels, is taking in taxes and fees 40 percent of all personal and business income in the U.S. Just to balance our current budgets, ignoring the national debt, will require this to rise to 60 percent.

We know that virtually all government bureaus, from the local ABC board to the White House, are bloated, mostly overstaffed, often overpaid, inefficient and in many cases irresponsible. Yet, almost everything we hear is the need for higher taxes, with very little about spending cuts. The only growth industries in the last decade have been government and nonprofits.

Why do you, and most of the media, refuse to write about the cause and effect of our present financial condition and some of the common sense solutions? Why do we continue to live at the expense of our grandchildren? Why are we destroying the middle class, which pays most of the taxes – then we will be just like any Third World country?

Harold Gray


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