Harold Mendelson: Don't restrict firearms

January 3, 2013 

Don’t restrict firearms

No parent should have to bury a child. The pain and suffering felt by family and friends of those murdered in Newtown is beyond comprehension. They will never recover from this tragedy. If they are lucky they will survive and go on with their lives.

We all have questions and want to place blame. Does it lie with the mother of the killer for the way she raised her child or for not securing a firearms? Was the government to blame for not funding mental health care properly?

Maybe it lies with the local board of education for not providing a safe and secure place for their children to learn. Perhaps, it lies in the gun that was used.

The solutions are not easy, but there are those who have been waiting for some tragedy to occur so they could press their agenda. The president and other politicians are now pushing to restrict the ownership of firearms. My response to their proposals is this: if any elected official promotes the restriction of the right to own firearms, I will do everything legal in my power to prevent those individuals from being reelected.

Harold Mendelson


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