Eugene Murray: Leaders and less

January 3, 2013 

Leaders and less

Regarding Congress’ new “deal” to avoid the fiscal cliff: In spite of statements by the administration and by both congressional Democrats and Republicans that there is “no income tax increase” for 98 percent to 99 percent of Americans in this new tax package bill, in fact there is a 2 percent Social Security “payroll tax” increase on all working Americans who earn paychecks.

Increasing our payroll tax is still an income tax increase, no matter what the Washington politicians label it or how they spin it in their never-ending hyperbolic media commentaries.

It is surely fortunate for our country that we continue to work harder and better at our private- and public-sector jobs than do our elected representatives in order to pay for their ever-increasing taxes, fees, wasteful spending and wasted time. If Americans performed as poorly at our jobs as have our public officials, we all would be unemployed – and without anyone left to pay for the unemployment benefits.

Let us please remember this fact come the next Election Day, and choose all our elected representatives more wisely. Happy New Year to the American worker – continuing to do more with less, for less.

Eugene Murray


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