Gary L. Evans: Tax liberals, not guns

January 5, 2013 

Tax liberals, not guns

Responding to the writer who says that what he doesn’t like should be taxed out of existence (“Tax gun sales,” Dec. 30):

First, he says that having “more” guns in schools is beyond comprehension. I say no, not “more,” just one will do it, with a police officer or school official trained to use it. And take down that stupid “No Gun Zone” sign!

As for a 50 percent federal firearms tax and a 100 percent tax on multiple-round magazines, I’d like to see a 25 percent surtax on all liberals who come up with these hair-brained ideas. And, once taxed, these people should have background checks performed on them, with fingerprinting, and they need to be watched very closely as they are the ones most likely to walk around places where many people congregate with dizzy ideas swirling around their heads.

If this person really wants to feel safe, he should post one of those “No Gun Zone” signs on his mailbox and front door. It works every time in keeping sane, law-abiding gun owners away.

Gary L. Evans


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