Chuck Kavcsak: An NRA salute?

January 5, 2013 

An NRA salute?

We all feel the pain, agony, horror and despair of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Unfortunately, that does not include the leadership of the NRA, which seems to live in a world out of touch with today’s America.

I and a majority of Americans have no problem responsibly owning and enjoying guns of hunting, self-defense and collecting. Very few, however, defend the need for assault weapons and multi-round clips in all their distorted glory of video games and Hollywood.

Certainly there are many contributors to this recent American history of Auroras, Columbines and Sandy Hook. The NRA’s solution to this national outrage is to require more weapons and to advocate no new restrictions on assault weapons, even though their ability to kill many by a single shooter is an insult and threat to everyone.

The military salutes its heroes with 21-gun salutes. Maybe the NRA leadership should have sent a single NRA lobbyist to fire an assault weapon 26 times in 20 seconds to each burial ceremony of an innocent 6-year-old. It would have certainly fit their image.

Chuck Kavcsak


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