Brett Rodler: Keep guns secured!

January 5, 2013 

Keep guns in safe

“To disarm is to enslave” is a quote that has been around since the founding of our nation and one that is difficult to argue against.

This country’s freedom was able to happen because of firearms. There is a deep-seated affinity for them, and I’ll leave it to the psychologists of the world to define why.

A simple observation might be the percentage of the population that both distrusts the government and feels it is growing to an unsafe size that keeps the desire for gun ownership high.

A simple step to helping minimize atrocities committed with guns is to keep them secure in a locked safe! I guarantee there are too many rifles and handguns kept loose in closets and sock drawers.

If we kept our guns only available to the responsible owners, this would just about eliminate heinous crimes using someone else’s legally purchased firearm.

Brett Rodler


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