Paul Milligan: And the cost?

January 5, 2013 

And the cost?

Regarding the Dec. 30 article “UNC hospitals switch to restaurant-delivery model”: Let’s see a follow-up answering the questions you seemingly didn’t ask: How much do those two chocolate chip cookies cost on the patient’s bill? What about the tea and chocolate-dipped fresh strawberries? The red-wine-marinated London Broil? A cheeseburger combo? Fried chicken?

With the price of health care and insurance the way it is, and climbing daily, and costs in America being four times as high as any other industrialized country, how could you possibly have not made even the slightest reference to the costs of these meals?

At what cost to the patients, the insurance companies and to us all are hospitals that have 90 items on their menu, delivered like room service in a fancy hotel?

Remember these are the same outfits that will bill you $7 for one Tylenol.

Paul Milligan, Raleigh

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