Kristy Hansen: Return Go Pass

January 6, 2013 

Return Go Pass!

I hope the irony is not lost upon the Department of Administration when its decision to eliminate the Go Pass (bus fare) assistance program forced Doug Peterman, a Department of Environment and Natural Resources employee (among many), to reconsider his choice to use mass transportation. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.

I also shake my head when I ride with my sister (also a DENR employee) as she circles and circles past many empty parking spaces on her way up to her assigned seventh floor parking spot. I’d like to calculate the fuel and emissions she could save if she were able to pull in to the first available spot, but I’m unable to concentrate through the dizziness brought on by all those traveling circles.

The solution to both of my head tremors is simple: First, do away with the nonsensical policy of assigning specific spaces to state employees; second (and, I’m sorry, dear sister), marginally increase the price of state employee parking spaces – which have not increased since 1979 – to fund the Go Pass program and get more folks on those buses!

Kristy Hansen, Raleigh

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