Peak week

January 6, 2013 

Once every four years is about right. For inaugural festivities, that is. New Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, sworn in Saturday at the state’s chief executive, now will spend the week allowing himself to be recognized with open houses from coast to coast, and then on Friday with the traditional inaugural festivities sponsored by the Junior League of Raleigh.

After that, it’s another inaugural event that caused a bit of a stir, this one on Saturday for purposes of raising political money. The anticipated haul must be pretty big, because the festivity is at the Raleigh Convention Center. (The Junior League of Raleigh, host for the first inaugural ball, either isn’t put out by the fund-raiser or isn’t saying anything.)

McCrory, a low-key sort of fellow, is likely to be all speechified out by week’s end, not to mention in need of a good dry-cleaner, as this kind of socializing can take a toll on a guy’s wardrobe.

Doubtless the Capital City will be all buffed and polished for the occasion, which is fine, sort of like when a fussy relative visits and one takes on the dust that usually goes undisturbed. This week, all dust will indeed be disturbed. Along with a few Democrats.

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