Linda Minetree: Projects bring problems

January 7, 2013 

Projects bring problems

I live in the Cameron Village neighborhood for which the City Council will soon vote on another high-density rezoning request for more apartments. That will make No. 4 within as many blocks on Oberlin Road.

No. 1 has 375 apartments. Nos. 2 and 3 with 500 apartments are under construction. The current request asks for 275 more.

Our city needs to study the total effect of these projects. The worst part of the current request will bring high-density development and its traffic into our residential neighborhood. The developer owns office buildings on Oberlin Road and also residential property behind it on Daniels. He wants to rezone and combine these properties for high-density development. Since Oberlin is on its way to becoming gridlocked, he also wants a cut-through from Oberlin to Daniels and into our residential neighborhood.

Cameron Village Neighborhood Association voted down this rezoning by a vote of 51-6. High density could be proposed around your homes, too.

Linda Minetree


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