Jim Nolan: Consumer class

January 7, 2013 

Consumer class

The Dec. 29 letter “Disappearing middle” made the case for accumulation of wealth in that billionaires offered goods and services wanted by consumers, and I agree. However, the writer then went on to state that hacks and political groups attack wealth, and that is wrong.

For when wealth is attacked with higher taxes and over-regulation, it will leave. Now that is a fine example of true patriotism: If I cannot make more and more and more, I will pack my bags and leave.

When politicians are given campaign funds by the wealthy who in turn write the tax code favoring their benefactors resulting in more and more wealth accumulating in the hands of a few, the American Dream will vanish and average people will cut back on the purchase of consumer goods, adversely affecting the wealthy.

Our economic well-being is predicated on consumption, and that means a vibrant middle class having the money to buy goods and services, which in turn makes for more profits for the wealthy.

Giving tax breaks for the wealthy is just plain dumb. Want to spur the economy? Put more money in the hands of Average Joe and Jo, not members of Bushwood Country Club.

Jim Nolan

Morehead City

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