Barbara Beye Lorie: A forever park

January 8, 2013 

A forever park

The Jan. 3 column by Rick Martinez, “An arena, not Dix, as destination,” was a shocking read for me.

This man is limited in his ability to think of the planet in 100-plus years time. His granddaughter will have a place to breathe clean air, run on grass, hug trees (yes, I’m a tree hugger), view the skylight of Raleigh, see stars and the moon at night in the middle of a city, hang out for a picnic lunch, play soccer or and throw a ball.

Central Park of New York City is named as such because it is indeed a central part of that great city. Thousands of New Yorkers use it on a daily basis and are thankful for the ponds, the trees, the grass, the wild flowers in the midst of the chaos of their lives.

Our country has enough ballparks where the main source of income is buying peanuts and popcorn. Martinez needs to talk with the cities where the residents have been forced to build sports arenas and are now going bankrupt. Talk with Ohio. They know.

Barbara Beye Lorie


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