Gale Isaacs: Help mentally ill

January 9, 2013 

Help mentally ill

The families of mentally ill persons suffer greatly. These families are the benefactors of the erratic changes in behavior, menacing environments and the absolute lack of a support system.

It’s difficult to grasp that the shortcomings in America’s mental health system render it nearly nonexistent.

The political argument in our backyard is over how best to use the property of the former Dorothea Dix Hospital. Former residents of this beautiful campus are now scattered all over, including homeless sites.

Those in power want to make it not just another park, but one that rivals New York’s Central Park.

They say the mental health system is broken. I agree, but is there not at least one political conversation that focuses on the lack of effective mental health delivery coupled with the lack of ineffective gun laws?

Another park. How sad that some mentally ill person, perhaps a former Dix resident or nameless 20-year-old, might go on a rampage that kills and maims many of those future parkgoers because the treatment system is totally gone. Plus, we love our guns, and while a single law can’t fix the mass shooting problems, you have to start somewhere.

Gale Isaacs, Raleigh

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