John Rhodes: McCrory’s ‘change’ wrong

January 11, 2013 

McCrory’s ‘change’ wrong

And so with Bev Perdue voted out of office, North Carolina has a new governor coming along and promising that he’s going to bring “change.” OK, fine, but in the midst of the fiscal crisis that the people of our state still face, the change I was expecting was to at least curb compensation for the governor’s Cabinet.

But that’s not good enough. Gov. Pat McCrory’s going to do it the “effective” (bureaucratic) way – giving those who serve in his Cabinet an increase in “change” (an 8 percent raise). This, even before trimming government waste (other people’s benefits and jobs).

But wait. Do I hear the very same justification (“leadership is everything”) for this 8 percent increase as has been presented by bureaucrats from the other side (Erskine Bowles) in arguing for higher compensation for the elite of their own pet projects?

When the time comes, regardless of where I end up, I’ll be so happy when the Second Coming arrives.

John Rhodes, Efland

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