Cheyanne Zahradnik: Unnerving DMV

January 11, 2013 

Unnerving DMV

On my recent visit to the DMV to obtain my limited driver’s license for the first time, the attitude of certain employees left me flabbergasted. Upon arriving, the blunt driving instructor who was to administer my road test already had me (slightly) chafed. Without any instructions, he held his hand out to me. Confused as to what he wanted, I looked to my mother for guidance when he barked, “Can I see your permit?” I hurriedly rustled through my wallet to give the man what he requested.

Absolutely no empathy came from this rude person as I was about to take one of the most momentous tests of my life! After more conversations with the people around me during the exceptionally long waiting time, I learned that the same man who gave me my test caused a girl to cry during her test just a week earlier.

Teens go to the DMV, bellies full of nerves, every day to try to earn their driver’s licenses. When driving instructors are less than caring to these minors, who have never had such an experience before, their hopes are shot. State-compensated employees should take that into consideration when interacting with their customers.

Cheyanne Zahradnik


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