Joe Hardesty: Keep religion out

January 12, 2013 

Keep religion out

“McCrory quickly takes the reins” read The N&O’s headline Jan. 6. Bravo!

But before the governor jumps into the fray, I would ask him to bring up an old issue. In particular, an Aug. 19 article in the N&O, “Rival ministries in legal fight.”

I am curious to know whether Gov. Pat McCrory is aware that there are religious “contractors” administering to some of our elected officials’ “spiritual needs” in the legislative building.

It would be interesting to know why in this building and who’s paying for it. Are some of these folks unaware of the First Amendment or that their Bible study groups and prayer sessions are giving the appearance of their disregard for its purpose?

We have heard an SOS for our state’s economy. If the call is answered, it will more than likely be from out of the state. New business will bring new technologies and new people, domestically and internationally, adding to our state’s diversity. We deserve a government that is focused on the people’s needs and keeps the religious activities on its own time.

Joe Hardesty


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