Art Wilson: McCrory’s good choice

January 12, 2013 

A solid choice

Gov. Pat McCrory continues to exhibit his management skills with the announcement of Tony Tata for Secretary of Transportation.

A basic of this skill set is to surround yourself with good people. Tata is a solid example of leadership and integrity all too often found lacking in the morass of bureaucracy in government. Probably not a name known around the state but well known to us in Wake County, Tata will have an opportunity to make further contributions to North Carolina.

McCrory’s choice delights those of us who respect this man who came to help straighten out a school system adrift with more emphasis on social engineering than education. It is a tribute to McCrory that he recognized Tata’s firing by the now inept school board for what it was; the dismissal of fresh ideas from an “outsider” who had not spent his life in academia.

And our schools are headed back to chaos. Wake County’s loss is our state’s gain. We thank the general for his service to our country. We are grateful for his service to our state.

Art Wilson


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