Leonard Wilson: Flagship Lollipop

January 14, 2013 

Flagship Lollipop

Regarding the Jan. 11 article “UNC eyes out-of-staters to ease funding woes”: For years, the bureaucratic gang at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has sought to expand its empire-like stature, expecting tons of taxpayer dollars while lobbying vigorously for exemption from state government rules that govern, among other things, employee salaries, job classifications and protections, retirement and health care.

Based upon a wave of negative publicity on a variety of topics this past year and with seemingly a continued attitude of “we’ll do as we please,” hopefully the sinking flagship and its countless aloof administrators will find rougher than normal seas in the upcoming legislature.

These self-anointed, nicely compensated, administrative types over in Orange County might wish to test their life vests. The Flagship Lollipop is taking on water as it tries to remain above rules governing others who serve the public.

Academics, ethics, spending and basketball appear on the decline in Chapel Hill. An early legislative shot across the bow might warn the Flagship Lollipop to tone down its craving for exclusivity.

Down the road, on the other hand, the N.C. State chancellor is doing very well. Nothing like planting a hint of leaving to boost salary and benefits by $100,000!

Leonard Wilson, Raleigh

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