John Reseigne: $6 'tax dodge'

January 15, 2013 

$6 ‘tax dodge’

Rick Martinez has been anti-teacher as long as he has been writing for your newspaper. To go after a so-called teacher “tax dodge,” as he did in his Jan. 9 column, would be almost funny if it weren’t so ridiculous.

This “tax dodge” works out to about $75 a year for a teacher who spends $250 of his own money. That works out to the massive amount of $6 per month! Maybe we should invest in an offshore account!

Most teachers I know spend much more than that, even though we have effectively taken a large cut in pay over the last few years.

I challenge Martinez to visit my classroom and see what one day is like for a teacher. Maybe then he could try to just babysit 20 first-graders for more than seven hours, much less teach them, too. I venture to guess he couldn’t do it.

He has bashed teachers for so long, without any logical basis, I think he actually believes what he writes. That’s too bad as we who have entered this profession have done so because we care about the children, not because we can earn a so-called tax dodge!

John Reseigne


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