Melanye Harden: Color blindness

January 15, 2013 

Color blindness

In response to the Jan. 7 letter “Scott’s politics refreshing”: I cannot help but shake my head, not over whatever Scott’s politics are but the recurring mention of African-American this, black that, white this and so on. Everyone is so concerned with “equality” but continues to segregate everything from the “color” of our president to the “color” of beauty pageants.

I think it is appalling that President Obama is still referred to as the first African-American president. If we are working toward equality, who cares what color our president is? It should matter only that he is the most qualified person for the job. Why should a person’s position, accomplishments or views be prefaced by his or her color?

By continuing to label people, positions, magazines, pageants and historical months by color, how do we as a country ever expect to be “color blind” and start looking at the inside rather than the outside?

Melanye Harden


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