John M. Richardson: The duck limit

January 16, 2013 

The duck limit

Ducks Unlimited is reported to be one of the sports groups that met with Vice President Joe Biden on the gun issue.

I went to my first Ducks Unlimited annual dinner in 1974. It was a family affair. Following a delicious meal, the great bow hunter, Fred Bear, spoke and showed a movie of a hunting trip. Nothing was sold other than the dinner ticket.

I went to my last Ducks Unlimited annual dinner about 15 years ago. There were only males present, plus waitresses from the local Hooters restaurant, in uniform (or lack thereof).

Raffle tickets for guns and assorted hunting gear were constantly being sold. That, and the Hooters girls, were the program. I have not been to another DU meeting.

Like the NRA, Ducks Unlimited has lost its way from its well-intended roots.

But one thing has not changed. In 1974, and today, a federal law stipulates a limit of three shells in my gun when duck hunting.

I believe it only fair that the federal government provide at least the same protection for my grandchildren, and children in my community, that it provides for Mallard ducks.

John M. Richardson, Wilson

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