David Title: Worthwhile raises

January 16, 2013 

Worthwhile pay

Kudos to Gov. Pat McCrory for giving Cabinet members a more competitive and much-needed raise. Not only will all of the Cabinet members work extra long and stressful days in the office, but they also carry the burden of the mess Gov. Bev Perdue left our state.

A salary of $135,000 for these positions is actually quite low. Most of McCrory’s Cabinet members have made much more than $135,000 in the private sector. They are in office to serve the state, not to fatten their wallets. This is why Art Pope and Dr. Aldona Wos are taking salaries of $1. If anyone deserves a small increase at the expense of the taxpayers, it is surely needed for McCrory’s stellar Cabinet members.

David Title, Raleigh

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