Robert Dalton: No rest for teachers

January 17, 2013 

No rest for teachers

In Rick Martinez’s Jan. 16 column “The pay a Cabinet deserves,” he wrote that: “They (the new Cabinet) also can’t forget about work at quitting time.”

While the majority of state employees are generally limited to 40-hour work weeks by federal law and because state agencies don’t want to pay overtime, a good number of state employees do work more than that, at least in my experience. Martinez’s broad brushstrokes gratuitously insult them.

He also wrote this: “They (new appointees) also don’t get most of the summer off like many teachers, community college instructors and university professors do.”

I am the son of a teacher (from grade school to university), brother of two teachers, widower of a teacher and boyfriend of a teacher, and this comment reveals a depth of ignorance, or malice, almost beyond measure. Those summers “off” are spent working second jobs because of lousy teacher pay, tutoring, upgrading skills and preparing courses and material for the coming academic year.

Frankly, Martinez’s column is a waste of space, but I do hope The N&O is deluged by responses such as mine from thousands of teachers.

Robert Dalton, Durham

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