Gregory E. Cain: Not petty politics

January 17, 2013 

Not petty politics

Rick Martinez states in his Jan. 16 commentary that, “The outrage about McCrory’s raises isn’t really about money, it’s about petty politics.”

As a longtime, mid-level administrator in the state system, I make considerably less than the average annual salary of $121,000 that McCrory says is required to “make it at least where they can afford to live.” I was ecstatic to hear that our new governor has seen the light. I eagerly await my increase so I also can “afford to live.”

As a salaried employee, I, too, do not get paid overtime when emergencies require additional hours. I am subject to being called into action outside of normal work hours. I do not get summers off. I answer for the personal conduct of employees under my responsibility, most of whom I did not hire.

Martinez made all of these points to justify the Cabinet’s increases. When the majority of state employees have gone over four years with a cumulative increase of 1.2 percent, giving up to 11 percent increases to the Cabinet sends a clear message that there is a double standard at play. It may be politics, but it is definitely not petty.

Gregory E. Cain, Raleigh

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