William Everett: Defending Republicans

January 17, 2013 

Defending Republicans

It is a long time since I have read a column as full of misinformation as “Reining in the Republican wreckers” by Froma Harrop on Jan. 3.

First, the Republicans strive to cut taxes for the purpose of priming the economy not to shrink spending. Second, any budget surpluses toward the end of the Clinton administration disappeared in the economic decline caused by the end of a technology boom, which had marked the earlier years of that administration. This decline became a recession in March 2001, two months after George W. Bush became president. This recession and the adverse economic effects of the 9/11 attack led President Bush to propose tax cuts designed to aid economic recovery.

The problem of confrontation between the Democrats and Republicans is caused by the Republican desire to curb spending and the Democrats’ refusal to take meaningful action in that regard. The Democrats appear to be more interested in winning a popularity contest with voters than displaying the political courage needed to join the Republicans in attempting to solve our pressing debt problem.

William Everett, Cary

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