Janet Giannattasio: Cabinets and cuts

January 17, 2013 

Cabinets and cuts

Gov. Pat McCrory gave his new Cabinet members raises.

These new salaries, broken down to daily pay (365 days), amount to $369.86 and $350.68. Something seems very wrong to me to see that our state legislature wants to cut unemployment benefits to a maximum of $350 per week – this is less than the governor’s Cabinet members will be paid per day. Remember that not many people receive the maximum benefit.

We are retired and not affected by this huge cut, but please remember that most people don’t apply for unemployment because they want to. They are forced to do this in order to try to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Our wonderful city of Raleigh had over 1,600 homeless people four years ago. I don’t know what the numbers are now, but I would bet that it’s more than that. Let’s not put more people out on the street. We who are not affected should still be disgusted by what our new state leaders are trying to do.

Janet Giannattasio, Raleigh

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