More home decor trends for 2013

Scripps Howard News ServiceJanuary 18, 2013 


Stainless steel is one alternative to the ever-present granite countertop in a modern kitchen. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times/MCT)


We all have a style we prefer – some like traditional, some like contemporary, some like country and others like eclectic. That said, let’s see what the average homeowner likes best.

The countdown, from Neil Kelly Company, a design and construction company based in the Pacific Northwest:

Kitchen: Clean and simple leads the pack, and that means contemporary style. Perhaps the preference indicates a need for a less-fussy life in the kitchen.

Countertop: Quartz composite is the top choice, and yes, it is replacing granite. Quartz composite seems to be the best, no-maintenance finish.

Hardwood floors: This one has been coming for a while, moving up as the floor of choice. There is a richness and beauty to a good hardwood floor that is timeless.

Glass backsplash: Not the same old, same old mosaic tile, but instead a glass and stone tile mosaic. The interest in this combination makes sense, since it gives visual interest as well as texture. A back-painted solid glass backsplash also fits this theme, particularly in contemporary kitchens.

Simplicity for the sink: The double sink is out. The deep single sink is in.

Kitchen color: Deep gray, as in charcoal, is in. It is taking the place of or competing with stainless steel.

Stone finish: Calacatta marble is the choice, and it’s one that works in both contemporary and traditional settings. It is especially popular in the bathroom.

Texture and sparkle: Accents of gold or silver with glossy glass tiles and nickel fixtures burst forth this year.

Multigenerational living and living longer on your own: Easy-to-work-in kitchens and safer baths are becoming very popular and are the cutting edge of this trend.

And the winner is…

Healthy home: Green is in. Homes that are free of toxins and are more energy-efficient have been growing popular and have become the No. 1 priority this year.


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