Ann T. Berry: Miller to be missed

January 18, 2013 

Miller to be missed

Former U.S. Rep. Brad Miller more than merits the Jan. 12 editorial praise “Well done” for his hard-working decade in Congress.

Because, back in his General Assembly years Miller oversaw the gerrymander that got him to D.C., maybe some expected him to puff up and preen a bit once there. But I worked on two or three Miller-for-Congress campaigns and never have I seen, in a life that’s included many encounters with Congresspersons, one with a head less swollen and a mouth less likely to toot his own horn.

Now that new GOP gerrymanders have shoved Miller (and many other good Democrats) out, whether Congress knows it or not, Miller’s expertise on mortgage gouging, banking and other matters will be missed. That his plans don’t include revolving-door lobbying underscores our loss. He’s a class act, and I wish him the best in whatever he does next.

Ann T. Berry


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