Wallace Chambers: Tougher gun penalties

January 19, 2013 

Tougher gun penalties

The Jan. 11 letter “Rights are limited” stated that just as there are restrictions on the First Amendment there should be restrictions on the Second Amendment. There are already in every state thousands of restrictions on the Second Amendment. The real intent of this particular argument, though, is to pass crippling laws to the Second Amendment, laws that would lead to legal gun confiscations of citizens such as in some European countries.

Rule breakers, heretofore named criminals, do not follow restrictive gun laws. Dealing with recidivist gun criminals requires efforts such as Durham Mayor Bill Bell’s increasing bail limits for gun criminals.

In my 57 years, I have mentored many young men, sat on several juries and learned that the most effective way to change the behavior of these individuals is to remove their free access to society. This eventually forces most of them to realize they will have to modify their lifestyles if they want to live alongside law-abiding citizens in free society.

As for our schoolchildren, every county in America should follow Durham County’s example and provide trained and armed resource officers in every school. This will prevent troubled cowards from killing our schoolchildren.

Wallace Chambers


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