Neal Paris: The good guys

January 19, 2013 

The good guys

In spite of opposition from the left, we must protect our children by placing armed good guys in our elementary schools. A school the size of Sandy Hook should have two to three personnel at all times. Larger schools five to 10 with designated patrol routes.

After Virginia Tech, we know that this concept should be extended to colleges and universities.

A small college could probably get by with three to four. Middle-sized universities, eight to 12. Larger universities, 15 to 20. For football games, extra personnel could be brought in.

This concept needs to be extended to businesses as well. Large malls would need at least 12 armed good guys at all times, more around the holidays. The movie theater would need its own crew. Amusement parks would need 12 to 30, depending on size. And don’t forget the churches. Probably two personnel dressed as worshipers would suffice.

If we can get this network of armed protectors established in every school, university, shopping mall, big box store, church, theater and amusement park, we can all start to feel safe when we venture out. Obviously with this size deployment, there will be friendly-fire fatalities, but it will be a small price to pay.

Neal Paris


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