Elliot Galdy: It’s not fiction

January 19, 2013 

It’s not fiction

It’s official; we really do live in Bizarro World.

Increasingly, innocents are killed by military-style weapons, and the NRA says we need more of them, not fewer. Income diversity between the working poor and middle class, and the wealthy, increases, and Senate leader Phil Berger says let’s take more of the tax burden off the increasingly wealthy and dump it on the suckers at the bottom through zero income and corporate taxes and increased sales taxes. Red Gulf states get many bucks from FEMA and the feds, and then their representatives vote against aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Gov. Pat McCrory runs on his moderate-across-the-aisle record as mayor of Charlotte, and that government should be responsive to the needs of all the people, then stacks his Cabinet with ultra-right-wing partisans and gives the already wealthy a raise while promising to cut spending on services to the rest of us.

If this were a work of fiction, no one would believe it. Believe it, and God help us.

Elliot Galdy, Durham

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