Prescription for trouble

January 20, 2013 

Prescription drugs alleviate pain, sometimes save lives and, under the wrong circumstances, can take them.

A report from the N.C. Child Fatality Task Force says prescription drug overdoses could overtake vehicle accidents as the most common accidental deaths. Of particular concern is the abuse of prescription medication by young people who might take something out of the medicine cabinet out of curiosity, mistakenly thinking that if it is a prescribed drug, it’s OK.

No doctor would say that, obviously. Many prescription drugs are strong and targeted toward specific illnesses.

The report certainly should underline the need to take more care with such medications, particularly in homes with children. Parents should monitor their older kids to ensure they don’t have access to the drugs.

Accidental death is something with which many families have had to deal, and the tragedy of it, one tragedy anyway, is that it might have been prevented. If it gets the proper attention, this type of report could be akin to a fire alarm that sounds before the blaze begins.

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