Ilina Ewen: Dollars, no sense

January 21, 2013 

Dollars, no sense

Newly inaugurated Gov. Pat McCrory has given raises to Cabinet members as one of his first acts in office.

How very generous at a time when our state has cut budgets for basic things like access to mental health and education. He rationalizes his decision by pumping himself up as an empathetic man citing, “I’m trying to make it at least where they can afford to live while running multimillion-dollar departments.”

This is a man who is rich in insensitivity and poorly grounded in reality. If he starts his term more concerned about his own cronies than about the state’s constituents, he demonstrates a vision for our state that is driven by dollars instead of sense.

How about making life affordable for those crippled by joblessness, rising health care costs, lack of veterans’ benefits, homelessness, decreased health services and plain ol’ ends not meeting in a time when money is tight?

Pat McCrory lacks perspective, compassion, vision. And a filter.

Ilina Ewen


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