Katherine Stein: Bravo to Boyle

January 22, 2013 

Bravo to Boyle

I would like to give U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle a big woo-hoo and standing ovation for his tossing out the WakeMed deal.

I thank him for seeing through the fraud, for not being a part of covering it up, for not letting the federal prosecutors muck this up and for giving me a reason to believe in our judicial system.

What WakeMed nearly got away with was no typo accident. To claim that staff ignored doctors’ orders is ridiculous. Talk about throwing employees under a bus! Bill Atkinson and the entire board of directors should be fired. This example is why Medicare costs are so high.

I am also sure this healing institution is not the only hospital that routinely does this. My next question is why the federal prosecutors would agree to not pursue prosecution for two years. Also, why isn’t Medicare doing more to recoup the money? Heck, if I underpay my taxes, believe me the IRS comes after me and with interest.

Katherine Stein, Raleigh

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