Amy Womble: School progress

January 22, 2013 

School progress

Regarding your Jan. 12 Triangle Politics item “Wake leaders add to duties”: The governance of the Wake County Board of Education has vastly improved over the years when Ron Margiotta was chairman.

Margiotta, who took the chairmanship in an irregular coup in December 2009, reconstituted committees, appointing two Republicans and one Democrat to each one, beginning the partisan takeover of our county’s school system.

When Kevin Hill became chairman in December 2011, after the community rejected Margiotta in his re-election bid, Hill appointed Republican Chris Malone as chairman of the important Facilities Committee.

There were two Republicans and two Democrats on each committee under Hill. Under Margiotta, the Facilities and Student Achievement committees rarely met.

In the past year, real work has been done in board committees. Indeed, important work still needs to be done, and The N&O can either report that work in an informative manner or continue to fan the flames of partisan sentiments in the community. It seems to me the Board of Education is working to eliminate partisanship, especially now that it no longer has a partisan as superintendent.

Amy Womble, Cary

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