Carly Shedlick: Upgrade school security

January 23, 2013 

Upgrade school security

The Dec. 20 letter “Flaw in Wake” exposed a major flaw in the security of schools within the Wake County system. Even after resigning from his job as a bus driver, the letter-writer’s ID badge, which does not expire, remained active until he voluntarily chose to turn it in. What could happen if former employees chose to use these badges to enter schools?

Research has shown that individuals, especially young children, are more likely to be victimized by those they know, not strangers. Since former employees may know exactly how the school system works, how the security system works, where supplies are kept and where the children are during the day, it seems that they could easily commit a criminal act. Therefore, the active ID badges of former employees could facilitate not only crimes such as stolen items that must be replaced on the taxpayers’ dime, but crimes against the children themselves.

Following the Sandy Hook shooting, many school systems rapidly revised safety plans to keep students and faculty safe. It seems that Wake County should take similar actions to ensure that there are no major breaches in security.

Carly Shedlick


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