Tom Toler: Storm brewing

January 24, 2013 

Storm brewing

Recently, all of the N.C. congressional Republicans demonstrated their empathy and concern for the Hurricane Sandy victims by voting “No” to the $50.5 billion aid package to help rebuild the homes and businesses destroyed by the storm.

This storm could have very well done the same kind of damage to N.C. beaches and communities. I can’t imagine these Republicans showing the same feigned fiscal concerns had the storm attacked our coastline as savagely instead.

It speaks volumes that the very group always beating the God and country drum would suddenly allow its newfound fiscal conservatism to trump the Golden Rule. N.C. will once again have its turn from Mother Nature and then let’s see who shows up to help us now after this disdainful disregard for our fellow Americans.

I’m quite sure all North Carolinians would want their representatives voting to do what any decent neighbor, with even an ounce of humanity, would do and that is help our own citizens.

Tom Toler


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