Tasks for a winter day

Home & Garden TelevisionJanuary 25, 2013 

January and February are good months to do small chores around the house.

Clean one closet: Throw away everything that’s irreparably stained or torn; give away anything you haven’t used in the last year.

Flip and vacuum: Your mattress will last longer and you’ll sleep better, too. Is the pad in good shape, or should you buy a new one?

Freezer hunt: Take a quick inventory of freezer contents and post the list on the freezer door.

Year-end accounting: Sort strategically, and create folders for the key categories of information that you will need, like mortgage interest, real-estate taxes, health care costs, charitable donations, work expenses.

Clean kitchen: Wash walls with a grease-cutting solution. Use dish soap and water on windows. Mop the floor, clean appliances, wipe cabinets.

Tend to small fixes: Do a quick sweep of your house, making a list of any broken electrical plates, locks that need lubrication, sinks or tubs that need caulk. Buy everything you need and get all of these little jobs done.

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