John Adams: A fox trail

January 25, 2013 


Red fox (4 years)

ERIC ISSELAÉAÍAÜ,ÄÔAÉ,ÄÖAǬ©E — Getty Images/iStockphoto

A fox trail

In response to the Jan. 22 letter “Waste of a Walk”: I travel the Art Park trails several times each week and have observed the situation the writer seems to be describing.

The canids in question have the run of the park as they are always off leash, and I suspect few are up to date on their inoculations. They are wild red foxes. A staff member of the museum advised me that for some reason the foxes seem to prefer to “use” the open trails. The deposits in question usually contain numerous persimmon seeds; a clue that they are not likely left by pet dogs.

The museum and Raleigh parks people do a great job of maintaining the trails, but it is a somewhat natural area that we share with the rest of nature. If you watch closely, sometimes bits of that nature can be seen darting out of sight along the trail.

John Adams


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