John Foley: Gun realities

January 25, 2013 

Gun realities

In the Jan. 20 letter “Gunless wonder,” the writer imagines a fictitious world where the Second Amendment no longer applies and Fort Bragg is overrun by murderous jihads shooting and killing our soldiers.

In the event that this happens, the biggest problem she thinks we’ll face is the lack of guns available to a ragtag posse of civilians called on to ride to the rescue of our professional soldiers. We’re going to have bigger problems than that.

Is her scenario possible? I suppose. Is it likely? Hardly.

It’s time to stop giving credence to the fears mongered by a minority few who want us to focus on their rights in an imagined Orwellian or post-apocalyptic dystopia. We need to focus on the fact that now, today, Americans die from guns at a rate that would shame most civil societies.

We need to have a talk about how to strike a balance between the right to own a gun and the right not to get shot. Just please, please don’t bring the swarming jihads to the table.

John Foley


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